100% Natural Ingredients

New Downs contains a combo of antioxidant vitamins and minerals in a single supplement, which help improve growth and cognitive development.

Thoroughly Researched

Over 60 years of research considered when developing the formulation for New Downs.

Approved By Health Canada

New Downs is produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices and is authorized by Health Canada with a Natural Product Number.

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My wife chose New Downs for our son almost five years ago and it’s our first choice for his daily supplement. How could we not trust another parent of a child with Down Syndrome to formulate vitamins and supplements for our kids? Each paediatrician, nutritionist and doctor who has treated Alexander has been very impressed with the ingredients of New Downs! They wanted to share it with other patients.
Ed P.


I use New Downs often in my naturopathic medical practice. Far from isolated use with patients with Down Syndrome, it has wide ranging applicability to any methylation deficiency problem. I find it particularly useful in long term depression as a nutritional support and in individuals recovering from any kind of neurological disorder. Thank you for making this available!

Paul T.

Naturopathic Doctor

Riding on 2 wheels - Down Syndrome

What is the secret behind the powerful ingredients in New Downs?

Is there a cure for Down Syndrome?

While there are no 100% effective cures for Down Syndrome, the New Downs supplement can help address many of the health challenges. It is an effective Down Syndrome treatment because of the action of its powerful ingredients

What is the definition of Down Syndrome?

What is the cause of Down Syndrome? Down syndrome occurs when there is an extra 21st chromosome. People with Down Syndrome are generally characterized as having a combination of impairment in cognition and physical growth, along with poorer health and distinctive physical characteristics. What are the symptoms of Down Syndrome and more importantly, is there anything that can be done to help? Find out more here.

Common misspellings are down syndrom, down’s syndrome, downs syndrome, down syndrom, dawn syndrome, and downsyndrome, but the best term is Down Syndrome. When looking for Down Syndrome information or Down Syndrome facts, some people may call it Down Syndrome Disease, but again the most appropriate term to use is just simply Down Syndrome.