Learn about the powerful ingredients in New Downs.

What’s in New Downs?

New Downs is an antioxidant dietary supplement intended for individuals with Down Syndrome. It is a complete vitamin mineral formula using high quality natural vitamins and minerals. The vitamin and minerals are more absorbent than any other formulations. Methyl donor amino acids are added to the formulation to help quench the increased oxidative damage that occurs in individuals with Down Syndrome. New Downs nutritional supplement has the maximum amount of antioxidants specific for individuals with Down Syndrome.

What are the benefits?

  • To enhance our children’s lives by combating the affects of the extra 21st chromosome.
  • Increase growth to realize best potential height
  • Accelerate cognitive development
  • Enhance nervous system
  • Support digestive system
  • Boost immune system defenses
  • Delay the onset of neurological diseases
  • The highest quality and most absorbable vitamins
  • The right proportions tailored to our kids special requirements
  • A good taste that your child will enjoy

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Vitamin C

Detoxification, immune function, stress management, regeneration of healthy tissue, glutathione regeneration, maintenance of the digestive system, endocrine and nervous system.


Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin, choline and folate are for energy production and in the detoxification pathway, recycling of glutathione, neurological development, prevention of free radical damage to the brain, and neurotransmitter synthesis.

Vitamin A and Carotenoids

Antioxidant, aid detoxification , aid the immune system, supports the microvilli in the digestive system, aid in the health of the thyroid gland.


Decreases oxidative damage especially to the fatty acids. prevention of cardiovascular disease. regenerate healthy cardiovascular tissue.


Energy production pathway, memory and attention.


Thyroid hormone production, antioxidant needed with vitamin E.


This mineral is involved with the iron in the formation of red blood cells, alertness.

Manganese & Molybdenum

This trace mineral is necessary for the P450 pathway and red blood cell production.


Bone and connective tissue production, i.e. growth.


This mineral is necessary for DNA synthesis, i.e. growth. It is an Antioxidant, necessary for greater than 200 metabolic pathways and Energy production, regulation of glutathione recycling.

Manganese & Molybdenum

This trace mineral is necessary for the P450 pathway and red blood cell production.

And many more…

Iodine: Thyroid function

Chromium: Insulin regulation, weight management.

Betaine HCl: Necessary for adequate digestion.

Bromelain: Digestion, decrease inflammation.

Glutamine: Necessary for digestive system health. Food for the microvilli in the digestive tract.

Taurine: Necessary for heart health.

Tyrosine: Necessary for thyroid hormone production.

Methionine, Cysteine, Ornitine: Sulfur containing amino acids, necessary for the detoxification pathways, maintenance of the methyl pool glutathione recycling.



Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid: Energy production pathway and urea cycle.

Carnitine: Heart health, fatty acid metabolism.

Lipoic acid: Antioxidant, scavenge reactive oxygen species, recycles glutathione.

Glutathione: Antioxidant, scavenges reactive oxygen species, depleted due to increase SOD transcription with trisomy 21.

TMG: Precursor of Glycine. speech and language development.

Proline: Necessary for connective tissue production.

Serine: Necessary for DNA synthesis, phosphotidylserine helps with cognitive function.

Magnesium: Involved in 100s of metabolic pathways, detoxification, energy production.

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Increase growth and height

Individuals with Down syndrome have a separate growth chart. The shorter height may be due to decreased thyroid function and/or poor intake or poor absorption of nutrition. When a good quality nutritional supplement, such as New Downs is incorporated into a dietary regime, growth can realize it’s full potential.

 Support complete digestive system

Digestive issues are common in people with Down syndrome. The symptoms can be constipation, weight gain or food intolerances. The high quality of ingredients in this formulation ensures that the supplement is easily absorbed by the digestive system. Once these nutritional supplements are absorbed, they can be delivered to the organ system that require them.

 Boost immune system defenses

Upper respiratory tract infections and ear infections are common in individuals with Down syndrome. Immune supporting nutrients such as: vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and carotenoids will provide the necessary tools to the immune system to help prevent and treat these infections.

Accelerate cognitive development

Intellect, speech, social skills are all aspects of cognition. DHA, EPA, phosphatidylcholine and TMG have been shown to enhance aspects of cognition.

Enhance nervous system

Gross motor, fine motor and speech are all aspects of the nervous system. Nutrients that support the nervous system, are 5-MTHF, methylcobalamin, zinc, magnesium, DHA and EPA are an integral part of the New Downs formulation.

Delay neurological diseases

Individuals with Down syndrome are at risk for early aging and early onset of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. By supporting the nervous system, New Downs will provide the necessary tools to prevent the early onset of these neurological diseases.

Are you ready to see the benefits for yourself?