Omega Brain


  • Part of the complete New Downs Package
  • Includes high DHA as well as EPA
  • Enhance physical and cognitive growth to potential
  • Accelerate cognitive development
  • Enhance nervous system
  • Delay the onset of neurological diseases
  • The highest quality and most absorbable omega-3’s
  • The right proportions tailored to our kids special requirements
  • A good taste that your child will enjoy


New Downs Omega Brain is a high DHA omega-3 supplement. Omega Brain is intended to be part of the complete supplement pairing with New Downs.

Enhance nervous system: Gross motor, fine motor and speech are all aspects of the nervous system. Nutrients that support the nervous system are 5-MTHF, methylcobalamin, zinc, magnesium, DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA are an integral part of the New Downs formulation and are found in Omega Brain.

Accelerate cognitive development: Intellect, speech, social skills are all aspects of cognition. DHA, EPA, phosphatidylcholine and TMG have been shown to enhance aspects of cognition. Again, DHA and EPA are found in Omega Brain.


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